Community and Lifelong Friendships

Updated Thursday February 16, 2017 by Crystal Hansen.

Our park is about the Community coming together, to make the park the best it can be!!

Our park is 100% ran by Volunteers, donations, sponsorships & fundraisers!! If you want to help in any way, please contact a Board Member. 

We welcome all insights & contributions (whether it's volunteering time, donating materials, donation of funds or finding sponsors), it's all needed and appreciated! 

Because without those out there in the Community helping, we can't run the park to its fullest potential. So thank you for anything you do to assist!!

Want to help?  Here's a little more info on how you can do so:

Helping find sponsors is a big help for the park. The sponsorship form is on our website if anyone would like to help find sponsors.

Do you have a skill that could benefit the park/league? Do you own a business or work for one that has materials that could be donated to the park?

Would you like to become a Board Member?

Would you like to help in Concessions? Or have a teenager that needs Bright Futures Community Service hours? (They can earn those hours working in concessions).

There are so many ways that you can help! Since the park/league is 100% ran by Volunteers, your assistance is needed and appreciated!!


The Board will be compiling a list of things we would like to get accomplished throughout the park, as well as items that we are in need of to be donated. Anyone that can help, in any way, is much appreciated. Thank you all!